Effects of Anti-Diabetic Drugs – Why Self Medication in Diabetes Is Bad

In as much as it’s important for you to know most things about diabetes including the drugs for the treatment, it is also important to sound this warning:

Never ever take anti-diabetic drugs or insulin injection without due consultation with a qualified medical practitioner, not even a nurse or health worker. More so, never ever take a diabetic or hypertensive drug because you have the previous prescription or know the drugs your doctor routinely prescribes for you.

These warnings should be taken serious as the disease itself. Studies have shown that self medication accounts for about 30% of death of diabetic patients. As a matter of fact, anti-diabetic drugs or insulin injection, if taken without professional guidance, bring a diabetic patient closer to the grave than the disease itself.

What do I mean by this, you may ask.

The most important thing that keeps the brain functioning is glucose (sugar). It is the main source of energy for the brain.

Strikingly, other body cells can survive for sometime with minimal sugar but not the brain. There is a certain level of blood sugar that guarantees survival of the brain. Below such limit life could be threatening. Of course, once the brain switches off, every other body function paralyses. Even though lowering the blood sugar level is important, lowering it to lower certain level kills the patient faster than excess sugar in the blood. This is the fundamental reason for the routine blood sugar test before each prescription. To understand how this happens follow me in the imagination to see the dangers of self medication in diabetic condition.

If a man comes to hospital and his fasting blood sugar result was found to be 17mmol/L, it means that his blood sugar was very high (normal is between 3.3mmol/L). Based on that report, the doctor prescribes for example, glucophage and asked the diabetic patient to take the drugs, the man’s blood sugar came down to normal 4.8mmol/L, one week later. Then the man became well, stopped urinating and drinking excessively. Good news! Isn’t it?

Now could you imagine the fate of another diabetic man whose blood sugar was 9mmol/L and decided to take the same dosage of glucophage (one three twice a day) based on the doctor’s prescription for the previously treated man? I can assure you that the man would collapse and die right at the spot, if there is no immediate emergency assistance. Of course, the drugs would clear all the sugar in the blood and brain, a condition known as hypoglycemia. This goes to lend credence to the fact that majority of poorly informed diabetics who have once commenced treatment, die as a result of self medication. As a matter of fact, some even commit suicide by taking over dose of either the drugs or the injection. Usually, when sudden poorly understood collapse occurs.

Friends, don’t kill yourself! Never take diabetic or hypertensive drugs without knowing your current sugar level through proper test. It is the current Fasting Blood Sugar Level that guides the doctor to prescribing ideal dose for you.

Diabetic patients have always been bothered by possible diabetes control measures that will enable them get on with their life.


Discover sure diabetes control, prevention and management tips that will help you put the problem of diabetes to a reasonable level, if not stop a permanent cure:

o Dietary management: In general principle, dietary measures are required in the treatment of all diabetic patients in order to achieve the overall therapeutic goal.

o Endeavour to exercise yourself as much as possible. It works magic!