Type 2 Diabetes – Drugs Will Not Reverse Your Diabetes

Just relying on diabetic medication from your doctor and not addressing the true cause of your Type 2 diabetes, be it your eating plan, smoking, or drinking alcohol, that is keeping your blood sugar constantly high will not help you correctly manage or reverse your Type 2 diabetes.

Every diabetic has the possibility of reversing their diagnosis and can go on to live a life free of oral medication and insulin shots once their blood sugar has come back down to a healthy normal level.

The reason this is not happening enough is because insufficient information is being given out by health professionals about how a person should go about reversing their Type 2 diabetes. Often no information is given out to diabetics on how to go about making positive changes to their diet. Usually the onus is on taking a pill, being told losing weight will help and to come back several months later for a review on their progress. But that’s it – nothing more in terms of advice.

The advice given to a diabetic needs to cover just how Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, how it can be done. Many people have reversed their condition – it is possible. But this reversal only comes about when a diabetic is given more options – usually in the form of advice and referrals to a nutritionist, and clear information on what are healthy foods and healthy lifestyle habits.

Doctors who rely on prescribing drugs to treat Type 2 diabetes are doing a great injustice to the health care industry and, more importantly, to your health. It’s no coincidence the pharmaceutical industry is worth trillions of dollars worldwide.

This is where the injustice comes in. A good doctor will insist you take the most natural and often more cost-effective route. For Type 2 diabetes he will prescribe a drug short-term as well as give useful advice on how to manage and reverse your Type 2 diabetes. Alternatively he will prescribe no drugs and suggest you try the lifestyle and diet changes first.

Empowering a patient on how to take control of their health is the way to reverse Type 2 diabetes. Encouraging a diabetic to think a drug will do it all for them and potentially cure them – will not help in the reversal of the disease.

One great example of someone becoming empowered is a man named Matthew who is in his late thirties. He was diagnosed in May 2013 with Type 2 diabetes. He was given oral anti-diabetic medications and insulin to inject. Eventually, after the oral medications started to make his stomach feel like it was on fire, he decided to stop taking the medications, quit drinking soda and dropped his weight by 19 pounds. He felt the removal of soda from his eating plan was the main contribution to him reversing his Type 2 diabetes – not the medications.