Type 2 Diabetes – Why It’s Possible That Diet & Exercise Work Better With Some Anti-Diabetic Drugs!

Type 2 diabetes is best managed by a truly natural approach… many people are convinced a natural approach to managing type 2 diabetes is the only way to go. Exercise and diet, these type 2 diabetics opine, is superior to taking medication and certainly superior to injecting insulin.

The reality is however, that some medications can do much more for your body that exercise and a diabetic eating plan alone are often unable to do in the early stages post diagnosis. And one of the medications that can help you get your blood sugar levels under control and back on track is metformin. This is because metformin, which is in the biguanides category, is really effective at keeping your glucose from fluctuating between meals.

A plant-based diet can definitely help you to reduce your calorie or kilojoule intake and gentle exercise can help you increase the number of calories you burn. Metformin (brand name Glucophage) however, adds another layer of anti-diabetic protection to an ordinary exercise and diet program.

Metformin activates the same fat-burning mode that you accomplish with long periods… at least 45 minutes, preferably 2 hours, of gentle aerobic exercise. But it keeps the fat-burning process going right through the 24 hour day. It also makes your liver much more sensitive to insulin so that your blood sugar levels are lower.

Lowering your blood sugar levels can reduce your appetite as well and this also gives your other tissues a chance to regain their responsiveness to insulin. Metformin is in the group known as biguanides, and these are effective at controlling or regulating the insulin levels released by your liver. They can sometimes be called insulin-sensitizing drugs because they also help to keep your blood sugars from fluctuating between meals. This is how this anti-diabetic drug is effective at promoting weight loss.

Metformin is one of the older medications for insulin resistance and despite the fact it costs as little as US$4 a month, it does actually work. It is commonly prescribed for prediabetes as well as type 2 diabetes… often when it is prescribed in prediabetes, it actually prevents the progression on to full-blown type 2 diabetes.

What you need to know about metformin is that the sooner you get your blood sugars under control, the less you are going to need to take it. Once metformin helps you lower your blood sugar levels and gets you back on track, you will be able to control your appetite without drugs. Then diet and exercise really may be enough to enable you to have stable and healthy blood sugar levels.